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Check out the concert page or book your own house concert today. The house concerts are easier than you think, gather a few listening friends; for a minimal fee, if I happen to be in your city I will be honored to bring a memory musical refreshment.

Contact me today or refer to my concert page for public concerts.   

HaPPY 2020

Greetings World, wishing you all a healthy, joyful, and prosperous new decade. Someone once said the only true unit of measure is time. With my time, besides my favorite and only pastime as seen and heard in my new single 'Brother', catch me on the stereo format (existing catalog and more upcoming music), Your House Concert, the busking trail, a neighborhood bar, a listening room, a theater, or a renowned stage, or festival stage near you.

​Get the new single 'Brother' here https://backl.ink/104842180
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