KUKU - Love Sessions (EP) [2005]

Available on November 16, 2018

KUKU- Ballads & Blasphemy (2015)
KUKU- REVISITED by Monsieur Scott


KUKU- Unexpected Pleasure (2006)
KUKU- Knockin' on Heaven's Door (A Sight to Rejoice) (2015) [Single]


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KUKU- Love In a Time of Hope & Recession (feat. Sticky Mulligan) [2010]
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KUKU, Nya: K'Owo Ya (2017) [Single]
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KUKU- Soldier of Peace (Balogun Ìrorun) [2013]
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KUKU- The Absence of Cool (2007)
KUKU + ELKAH - Goodbye Worries (Amaury Collection Soudtrack) [2017]


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